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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the latest installment in the popular Xenoblade game series. Like other Chronicles games before it, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is an open-world action-adventure RPG with a heavy emphasis on its story and characters. As such, there are a number of new characters and a few old ones being mentioned, one of which is Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 3.


Spoilers for the ending of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 follow

Rex was the protagonist of the last game,Xenoblade Chronicles 2, published December 1, 2017. The game's ending is certain, but there is also room for interpretation. It remains unclear what became of Rex and his various relationships with those around him.

However, the final cutscene of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 provides a lot of context and information about what happened to Rex, making for a touching and useful conclusion to the Xenoblade Chronicles saga. However, to fully understand the implications of Rex's cameo, it's important to understand his history first.

key operation

  • Tyrannosaurus rexHe is the protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles 2driverWhoever wields the Blade Pyr, as the Driver resonates with the Core Crystal, the blades are man-made weapons.
  • Rex is dedicated to protecting Pyre and returning it to its home, the legendary Elysium.
  • Rex'sappearanceIncluding short brown hair and golden eyes, when he becomes the main pilot, his outfit changes to a futuristic white and green.
  • Rex was found on the beach in the village of Fonset with his mother when he was around two years old. He is onecreatedby Corinna and the rest of the townspeople, and the Titan Azurd, named by Grandpa.
  • Rex was 15 years old as a lifeguard on the back of a Titan in the Sea of ​​Clouds. The Argentum Trade Guild offered him a well-paid salvage job that allowed him toold ship, where he found the Pyra Blade, and was killed by Jin.
  • Pyra shares half of her life force with Rex, on the condition that he takes her to Elysium, reviving Rex.
  • Rex, Pilar and Nia run awaygomot bow, where they were attacked by a machine called Ophion, and when the Titanarco puguswallowed.
  • alreadybow seatRex and Pyra travel to Elysium with the group; Zeke joins the party after previously challenging them. Amalthus reminded Rex of Malos and offered to help control Ophion.
  • Rex loses power after Kim kidnaps Pyla. King Eulogimenos informs Rex of the existence of the Third Aegis Sword. rescuers on the wayElpys Arc of the Spiritual Crucible.Here, Nia reveals that she is a carnivore.
  • Rex se bori s Jinom i Malosom namoressa cliffsRex communicated with the spirits of Pyra and Mythra, allowing them to merge into Pneuma.
  • Pneuma defeats Jin and Malos, but the ruins are destroyed, causing the group to fall into a sea of ​​clouds. Rex wakes up Mystra, and Mystra helps the group form an alliance to go toElysiumAnd enter the world tree through its roots.

Who is Rex?

Rex is the main playable male character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Rex is a driver who discovers the power of a blade called Pyra, also known as the legendary Aegis.

Units and Blades go hand in hand, and it takes understanding both to truly understand each other. The blade is essentially a human weapon created when the driver resonates with the central crystal. Touching the central crystal awakens the blade. Blades provide different abilities and weapons to their users (i.e. drivers).

Blades differ in many ways, including their elemental damage type (such as fire) and the martial arts technique available to the knight, known as swordsmanship. A pilot can have several different types of blades, giving him a variety of tactical options in combat.

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Although the blades are essentially immortal, the life force of the blades is tied to its core crystal. If the Driver dies, the blades go back to resting in their core crystals. However, if the central crystal breaks, the blade's healing power will be greatly reduced. If the Core Crystal is destroyed, Blade will die.

When Rex finds Pyra, he pledges to protect her and return her to her home, the legendary Elysium.

Rex u Xenoblade Chronicles 3

At the end of the game, it is revealed through a painting that Rex is married to Pyra, Mystra and Nia and has children with all three. However, at some unspecified time, Rex and most of his companions died of natural causes and old age. The only ones confirmed to be alive were Nina the Carnivore and Poppy the Artificial Blade.

At the end of the game, Nia and Poppi are reunited and happily look at a picture of them all together, with Rex and Pyro, Mythra and Nia, and all of their children. Other comrades in arms are also in the picture.

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Keep reading to retell Rex's story and how he finally met his comrades and the Blade he married.


Rex looks like a young teenager with short brown hair and golden eyes. After Rex finds and awakens Pyra, a part of her core crystal begins to appear in the shape of an X on her chest. Rex's standard gear includes brown, blue, and gold survival gear, as well as blue gear. Also, the blue suit is invisible while Rex is saving. Rex held the anchor in his left hand and was also wearing a diving helmet.

After Rex became the main pilot, Rex's outfit changed to a more futuristic white and green outfit, similar to Pneuma's. The overall profile of the new armor remains the same and is functionally designed for rescue.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 The Story of Rex

early life

Information about Rex's early life is largely unknown. When Rex was about two years old, he and his mother washed up on the beach in the village of Fonset. Although Rex survived, his mother did not. His father's body was found on the neighboring Lefterian Islands. Both parents are buried at Oratory Knoll Cemetery.

Rex grew up in the village of Fonset under the care and guidance of Corinna and the other townspeople, as well as the titan Azuda (whom Rex calls Grandpa). When Rex was 15, he was working full-time as a lifeguard, living on the back of a Titan in the sea of ​​clouds.

old boat bow

Rex visits the Argentum Trade Guild, where he takes a high-paying rescue job hired by the Torna organization under Argentum's leadership. As a result, Rex traveled to the Ancient Ship along with the rest of C.S.E.V Maelstrom.

This ancient ship was at one point the ship of Tollan which belonged to Adam. After the Aegis War, the Aegis Pella was captured and went down with the ship. This was done because the Torran believed that Pyra should only be awakened when humanity was truly worthy of her power.

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After the team arrived at the old ship, King ordered Rex to follow them to the ship, and the ship's door could only be opened by a Lyft. After the door opened, Rex entered to find a sword and an ecstatic young woman. Rex approached the woman and accidentally touched the central crystal, and Kim suddenly stabbed Rex in the heart, killing him.

After an unknown amount of time, Rex woke up in an open green field, and the girl in the boat was standing under a tree on a distant hill. Rex approaches her and she introduces herself as Blade Pyra and tells him that she has been killed, much to his anguish. The place they are in is a mysterious paradise called Elysium in Pella's memory.

Pyra offers Rex a deal; she can resurrect him by sharing half of her life force with him, if he makes sure to get her to Elysium atop Yggdrasil. Rex agrees, so Pyra brings him back to life. Afterwards, the duo faced Marlos in an attempt to save the other Saviors from the same fate, accompanied by Nia, already devastated by Rex's death.

The Saviors escape, but a Torna ship arrives and begins to attack them, however, the Saviors are saved by Azuda who rescues Rex, Pyla, Nia and Dromak from the attack. However, Azulda was injured during the escape and the rescuers ended up in different places in the province of Gormot.

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gomot bow

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Rex wakes up near Pyra to find Azurda critically injured and dying. However, despite his severe injuries, he reappears and transforms into a small fairy-like creature that fits into Rex's helmet. After the trio are reunited with Nia, they travel to her hometown of Torigoth.

However, the group found itself in a difficult position. Nia is considered a member of the Torna and considered a terrorist, leading to her being captured by the Ardainian army occupying Torigoth. They took Torigot to lure Rex there, intending to take Pyra for their own use.

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villagers help rexNuobangNamed Tora, he rebelled against the coercive tyranny of the Ardainians and attempted to create his own artificial blade. With Tora's help, the Saviors managed to rescue Nia and safely escape Gormott on a Titan ship bound for Yggdrasil. During the journey, however, they were attacked by a gigantic machine known as the Ophion, and the ship was destroyed when the titan Uraya swallowed it whole.

arco pugu

On Uraya, the group met Vandam, the leader of the mercenary group, who offered to help them after recognizing Rex's fighting ability. Vandham is Rex's father who guides him through war and conflict as he realizes how little Rex knows about Blades and what it means to be a driver.

The group is led by Vandham to Fons Myma to find his friend Cole, because Vandham thinks Cole will know how to climb the World Tree. Meanwhile, Pyla heads to the ruins of Oleso to confront Malos and Arcos after they kidnap Cole's granddaughter. However, Rex decides to follow Pyra to help her fight, but fails miserably, prompting Vandham to step in and try to save Rex.

However, in saving Rex, Vandham died, forcing Rex to awaken Mythra and her powers. Mythra managed to defeat Malos and Akhos, but was very angry at Rex's stupidity, and Rex was heartbroken by Vandham's death.

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After Vandham's funeral, Rex was given Roc's Core Crystal and leadership of the Mercenary Corps. Cole advises the rescuers to head to the Indoline Praetorium, where they can find Amalthus, their original driver, through Mor Ardain's realm.

When they were in Mor Ardain, Morag attacked the group, but the Saviors decided to help her stop the sale of artificial blades to Torna. As a result, Morag joins the team and they meet the Goddess of Pretoria who guides them to Pretoria.

seat arch

Later, the party stops at Fonsett's village in Lefteria, where Rex shows Pyra her parents' grave and reiterates his willingness to take her to Elysium. On the last ship to Indol, Zeke, who had challenged Mor Ardain and Uraya to steal Pyre, confronted them again and joined Fun, revealing himself to be the Tantalian Prince and Praetorian messenger.

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Rex then meets Archon Amalthus in Indore, who reminds Rex of Malos, though Rex admits to himself that this might be because Amalthus is Malos' driver. While the party was in Mor Ardain, Jin used a Titan weapon unearthed by Mor Ardain in Temperantia, which he used to attack Urayan soldiers. All rescuers rushed to stop him, but Van Lanon was stabbed and died in the process.

After the chaos caused by Jin's intervention subsided, Amalthus told Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Rex that using the Omega Fetter in Tantalus' realm could potentially gain control of Ophion.

When the group got there, they managed to rescue Pyra from the clutches of King Eulogimenes, who tried to kill her because he believed she had bad intentions. After that, a group of people walked towards the omega handcuffs on Xuanbu's head.

However, unexpectedly, the group was ambushed by Tona and defeated by Jin, who unexpectedly found the Blade that could control elemental particles. He brutally kidnaps Pyla and O'Koff again and taunts Rex, telling him it's his fault for making Pyla and O'Koff suffer. Rex was critically injured and spent the next few days recovering in Theosoir, his Aegis sword broken.

Elpys Arc of the Spiritual Crucible

Jin's defeat and Pyre's kidnapping completely destroyed Rex's drive and self-esteem. After waking up and recovering, he told the others that he had abandoned his mission and wanted to return to Argentum. Nia, Poppi, and Brighid did their best to remind him that Pyra was willing to sacrifice her life for Rex and that he couldn't give up at such a critical time.

Their conversation is interrupted by Pandora, who tells them that King Orojimen has something to say to Rex. The King tells Rex that there is a third Aegis sword left by Adam, and Azuda tells Rex where it is; located in Spirit Crucible Elpys.

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When rescuers got there, they found the Adams Phantom, and Nia revealed that she was a carnivore after confiding enough secrets to Rex. Carnivores are a special breed of genetically engineered blades that have been fused with humanoid cells to make them even more powerful. After his battle with the Phantom, Adam's spirit believes that Rex is strong enough to withstand the Aegis' power and advises Rex to better understand Pyra and Mystra to truly harness his power.

Though they were unable to obtain the sword as they wished, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Rex discovered Pere's location as he shared half of his Life Crystal. With renewed motivation, the Saviors embark on a journey to the Cliffs of Morytha to rescue Pyra and Mythra and bring them to Elysium.

Morytha Arch Cliffs

Reaching the cliffs of Morythe, Rex finds Jin and Malos and fights them. During the battle, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Rex communicated with the spirits of Pyra and Mythra, assuring them that he would fight to the death to protect them.

Reconciling with the duo allowed them to merge into an ascension form called Pneuma, making Rex its main conduit. With this new power, Pneuma and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Rex were able to overpower and defeat Jin.

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Malos summoned Ophion, the Omega took control of their shackles and attacked them. Pneuma counters the attack with Siren. The two fought and destroyed the ruins, and the savior fell into the sea of ​​clouds below.

Rex woke up on the continent of Maurice under the sea of ​​clouds to find Mystra sleeping beside him. After she woke up, Rex explained the situation to her and they continued to search for the rest of the gang. They first track down Jin, who was seriously injured when his Core Crystal was damaged while trying to defeat Guld.

Rex and Mythra decide to put aside their past rivalry and help him, creating a tense but stable alliance. After the trio find the others, continue through the wreckage of the Titan Tornan and, after parting ways with Jin, reach the World Tree from the roots. Pneuma opened the elevator and the group began their final journey to Elysium.

On the way to the elevator, Amalthus suddenly appears, takes control of Indol and attacks the Tornine Martians. With the power of the Aegis Driver and half of the Fan's Core Crystal, Amalthus took control of Genbu, Mor Ardain and Uraya. Amalthus also tried to use Siren through Mythra, but Rex stopped him with his own Master Driver ability.

With Poppi's help, Rex and Pneuma are able to get close to the Indoline Titan. Pneuma slows down time, which gives Rex the opportunity to destroy the energy towers that Amalthus uses to increase his strength. Once at the top of the World Tree, Rex and the other rescuers meet Kim again, who plans to test Rex's resolve one last time.

The pair defeat Jin, who explains to Rex his admiration for the Blades and wants to ask the Architects why they exist. Their conversation was interrupted by Amalthus, who killed both Patrocus and Akhos in his terrible Blade-Eater form.

Out of a selfish desire to be the only one to see the Architect, Amalthus threatens to destroy all of Yggdrasil. Jin, finding the decision now clear, sacrificed himself to kill Amalthus. The messiahs are in awe of King for a moment, then take the elevator to Elysium.


The elevator stops at the first stop in low orbit. Through hallway after hallway, they finally reach Elysium, but it's not the safe haven they imagined. What Rex saw in Pylar's dream was not a meadow but a desolate ruin. Though Rex was depressed at first, he eventually perked up and led a group of people to the distant church.

Inside the church, they heard voices leading them through an underground passage. After the party, Rex suddenly finds himself alone, attacked by ghosts resembling his friends.

Fleeing from these ghosts, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Rex turns towards what appears to be Corinne's home and is mocked by Pyra and Mythra, who confuse him through each other's actions.

Rex eventually lost his cool and broke down, and at Pyro's urging, the Architect stopped the prank he was using to test Rex's resolve. Rex finds himself in the Architect's room with the other rescuers and meets you, the Architect, for the first time.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Rex - Production Facility - VeryAli Gaming (11)

The Architect is an aging cyborg who has lost his right side. He introduces himself as Klaus and tells everyone about Alrest's history, explaining the cycle of Blade and Titan.

After hearing all of this, Rex gratefully thanked Klaus for giving them life, and the group headed to Aion's hangar to fight Maros.

During the fight with Artifice Aion, Rex confronts Maros and tells him that Jin doesn't want to die and that he wants to ally himself with Maros. At the same time, Rex dealt a fatal blow to Aion, causing Malos' central crystal to be destroyed. Despite their differences and conflicts, Rex feels remorse for Marlos and says that if he had been the driver, the ending could have been different.

After Malos is defeated, the aqueduct disappears, causing the orbital cells to begin to fall. The rescuers follow Pneuma's instructions to the control room, then realize they are in an escape pod, and Pneuma plans to sacrifice himself to save them, destroying the Yggdrasil and orbital station in the process.

Rex unsuccessfully tried to stop her and accepted Pneuma's decision, gaining her other half, the Core Crystal and losing her Master Driver abilities in the process.

The escape pod begins to disintegrate, but thanks to Pneuma's efforts, Azurda manages to save the team by returning to her Titan farm. They flew above the surface and saw the Titan merge with the Earth below, creating a new world.

At that moment, the central crystal of Pneuma began to glow in Rex's hands, a flash of light flashed and Pyra and Mystra appeared in front of Rex. Pushed by Nia, Rex approaches them and the game is over.

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