Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future of Redemption - Best Building (2023)

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Take your character to the next level with these suggestions.

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  • Top picks for gemstones
  • Recommended accessories and entertainment manuals
  • Best fusion art recommendations

go throughXenoblade Chronicles 3: Future of RedemptionNeed to fight multiple enemies and maximize damage. However, it can be a challenge if you don't know how to form a team. Not only will you need to focus on your teammate's strengths, but you'll also need to cover up their weaknesses and figure out the best gear for each team member to survive the fight.

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Be sure to browse the gems, plugins and manuals to see what works best. You must also learn the various fusion arts to find solid combinations and get the most out of your team. By doing so, you will face and succeed in the most challenging battles, allowing you to defeat every single monster.

This guide assumes you've already passed the level, so if you read on, you'll find spoilers.

Top picks for gemstones

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future of Redemption - Best Building (2)


best jewelry


Precizan Grace, Doublestrike e Steelcleaver


Professional lifeguard, life carrier, calming breath


Iron protection, full of spirit and iron armor

to look

Lifebringer, Bloated Blessing, and Lifeguard Feat


Tailwind,Ultimate Counter i Brimming Spirit

Tyrannosaurus rex

Dispel bloodlust, analyze weakness and double strike


Steelcleaver, Liquid Form e Doublestrike

Matthew needs to improve his agility and strengthHelp him hit more and deal damage. Doublestrike will help you maximize your damage while quickly charging your primary abilities.

A and Glimmer should max their healing, which makes these gems crucial as each one boosts healing and also gives you some resurrection abilities for challenging fights. Glimmer also has several buffs, which makes Blooming Blessing essential.

Nikol must maximize hisHate rate, health and blocking, then several attacks will hit or kill him. If you're having trouble building aggro early in the fight, choose Dangerous Presence.

The Shulk is an evasion tank, createdTailwind and Overflowing Spirit SuppliesUltimate Counter works well because it does a lot of damage, increasing your damage even more. If Shulk's auto-attacks are still missing, choose Accurate Grace.

As for Rex, he can build up aggro quickly, making dispelling bloodlust mandatory. the most important thing is,Deals more damage with critical hits,Made Analyze Weakness great when getting more hits with Doublestrike.

Na'el also needs to max her attack, but you can't play her. If you want it to work fine by itself, trySteelcleaver, Liquid Form e Doublestrikefor more damage and auto-attack. If he's pulling aggro, use Dispel Bloodthirst.

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Recommended accessories and entertainment manuals

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future of Redemption - Best Building (3)


best accessories

best manual


Hood warmers, glitter bracelets and twisted white brooches

Jihad 5 Strategy Manual


Gold Gear Necklace, Mercy Offerings Necklace and Earrings

Jihad 8 Strategy Manual


Sergeant's Tiara, Colorful Feathers, and Smart Shield

Jihad Strategy Manual 1

to look

Gold necklace, love ring and crystal earrings

Strategy Handbook, vol. 18


Feather beads, heavy leggings and sky blue straps

Jihad 4 Strategy Manual

Tyrannosaurus rex

Gold necklace, shiny rings and silver earrings

Jihad 6 Strategy Manual


Nopon remen, napukli kristal e natsani kamen

Strategy Handbook, vol. 18

Matthew's gear focuses on increasing his damage while giving him more crits. As for manual, it gains more TP, which also applies to chain attack tanksDeal more damage with chain attacksIf you carry out his orders.

The focus onMaximize your artistic loadBecause your best healing skills can take some time to activate. The choke also helps her take fewer hits so she doesn't fall. Manuals also increase the team's chain attack damage while adding more TP to the team.

Nicol's defense will be strengthened,keep building hate, and increases your block rate when your health drops. This manual can help you improve your survivability after a chain attack.

Glimmer will also need help taking down the Aggrom, though other accessories will increase her healing. you will tooFills your Chain Attack Gauge faster, to help your team deal more damage.

Schulke shouldMaximizes your evasion, making Misanga ideal for brutal combat.They will have higher evasion and gain more aggro during auto attack. As for the manual, it works well with DefenderGive more TP to the team, great for first order.

Rex tends to get very aggressive, which makes the gold necklace crucial. Also, you increase your critical rate when you winChain attack meter when dealing a critical hit, Rex often does this. In addition, the manual will also help the team to deal more damage and get critical strike chance.

Na'el uses a lot of Arts, which makes reloading important, whileCracked crystals and violent stones will help her damage.As for her script, it will allow the party to bypass defenses during chain attacks, helping you achieve millions of damage.

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Best fusion art recommendations

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future of Redemption - Best Building (4)


Best fusion art portfolio

how they work


Round punches and explosive kicks

two people have onehigh power multiplier, allowing you to increase your damage.

Mighty Blow and Furious Force

Increased frontal damage ia chance to bypass the defenseIt has enormous destructive potential.

Resista a uppercuts e power-ups

Both will do considerable damage whilelet matthew get hurt.


Cross Ray e Skyfoil

sky leafMaximum power multiplierAllows A to apply the debuff while maximizing his healing when applying the attack drop.

Shaker Edge I lost my light

This combination maximizes the damage of the rollover effect and thereduce precision.

Ghost Sword Light Field

One heals, the other applies Evasion Up, making themthey work synergistically when used together.


Vihor e Blitz Punch

Both apply AoE Aggro, let Nicholas maximize his hatred.

Peace attack and machine applause

May cause harm when using art andstrengthen the defense, to prevent it from being harmed.

Electric cranes and smart pumps

Smart bombs have the highest power multipliers, allowing Nikola to increase the damage of the shot.

to look

Phantom Flower and Hymn of Dawn

shine goDeals damage while healing allies, allowing her to perform multiple tasks at the same time.

Big wreath and meteor flare

Both have a large power multiplier while also healing andApplying Ether Defense Downadversary.

Flare Aria e Burning Ballad

two applicationsIncreased Attack Rate and Critical Rate, allowing you to help everyone deal more damage.


Stream Edge e Monado CLEAR

combinationMaximize Shulk's Power Multiplier when applying BreakIf the enemy attacks the Shulk, the damage increases.

Heavy Rush gives Monado Rage

Shulk also does decent damage.force the enemy close to him.

Slit Edge e Monado Armor

Shulk causa sangramento, causa dano eactivates the armored veil around you.

Tyrannosaurus rex

Anchor Shooting and Fencing

Rex can also knock down enemies.reject your resistance, to prepare Rex for his other art.

Double Swirling Edge in Cross Flame

Both arts use Rex's critical chanceCharge Art and increase your damage.

Dual Blast e Rolling Smash

This combination allows Rex to apply the release documentCombining your two most powerful multiplication arts.


detonation wave and double pulse

Both arts increase Na'el's damage, so ifShe is almost completely healthy from the side attack., it can cause serious damage.

Compound Lightning

Both are AoE moves with high power multipliers, increasing your damage against multiple enemies.

Explosive bullets and limit rays

This one utilizes Na'el's largest power multiplier art document50% chance to ignore defense.

While these are great Fusion Art comps, try the other options as they can work really well. For example, MatthewRaging Force also stacks well with Backspin Punch., then see what suits your play style.

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