Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Boss Fight Guide (2023)

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  • Level up and use EXP bonuses
  • Customize your courses and equipment
  • Manage your Aggrom
  • Use Ouroboros mode
  • Strategize with chain attacks

boss fightStill a JRPG staple as they entertain, test your skills, and prepare you for the next story.Xenoblade Chronicles 3It follows the trend of previous JRPGs, but these boss fights can be challenging and hinder your progress.

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As Xenoblade Chronicles 3 offers an engaging story with bosses that mark some of the biggest turning points, you might find yourself frustrated if you can't get past one. However, you can make it easierplan and preparefor these battles. You will overcome these difficult times by improving your team and taking advantage of the game's systems.

Level up and use EXP bonuses

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Various levels affect whether you are successful or not. If you start a boss fight and find you have a few levels stacked against you, level up. If you want to keep your balance in the midst of difficulties,You must aim for the same level as the boss.If you find the fight difficult, try to level up three or four levels above the boss.

People don't want to grind while playing, so make sure youAny EXP bonus.you can go to anyresting place with weight icon.Training allows you to level up your character using bonus EXP collected from missions. Go to the training menu, choose a character and use the experience to increase your level.

Don't click "take everything to the next level" If you don't want to use all the EXP bonus. Selecting this option will upgrade all your party members to the maximum level. This can make you very powerful and make the game too easy.

Customize your courses and equipment

As you progress through the game and unlock different levels, you'll have tocustomize your partyTake on the boss. This will include balancing your team, choosing the ideal hero, and customizing your gear.

balance your party

Start by creating a balanced group to fight the boss. For example, you might want to use four attackers, a defender, and a healer in a standard fight, but that could cost you the game when you're dealing with stronger enemies.

If you have an unbalanced group, switch them before the boss fight. For most boss fights you will need itTwo attackers, two defenders and two healers.If your defenders can't stay aggressive, replace fighters with tanks. If your team is low on healing, replace attackers with healers. Fights last longer, but when it comes to bosses, you need to focus on surviving, so always trade damage dealers for someone who can support the team.

Choose your ideal hero

Balancing your party requires choicesideal herofor your team. You can try to fight the boss with any guest member you like, but be careful in the fight. If you lose, you should think about why you lost and choose your hero based on that.

For example, if your attackers and healers keep building aggro,you might need zeon, a solid defender with multiple taunts. If your defenders keep dying,you can choose vardyIt has great healing abilities while rejuvenating you. If you don't do enough damage,you can use gray, an attacker who doesn't need a tank to distract his boss.

best herodepends on the fight.See where your party is currently failing so you can pick and choose what you think will help your party the most.

customize your device

Equipment plays an important role in the success of your party. If your party is having problems, you should adjust youraccessories and jewelry. For example, do you haveRing that reduces the aggression your party gains from healing arts, so they are ideal for therapists. You also have gear that resists certain status effects, like amulets that resist binding if the boss applies them.

Gems increase your stats to help you in battle.For example, if the boss keeps dodging your attacks, equipright graceto increase your flexibility. you should tooEmpowering your therapist with life-saving expertiseRevive your downed teammates faster. Defenders can benefit from Brimming Spirit to increase the aggro they gain from the art. Review your current gems and equip the gems you think will be useful in the boss fight.

Manage your Aggrom

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, your group attracts aggressionthree main approaches: Deal damage to enemies, heal teammates, and use taunt skills. You want your defenders to get the boss's attention so they don't take down your teammates. You might react differently depending on your current character's role.


What would Defender do without Aggro?


Stop using art and attacks.You can stop attacks by movingBecause you will only attack while standing still.


Focus the attack on the boss. what can be confirmed isuse art in quick successionto get your attention as soon as possible.


Do not treat or attack.Compensation is also a concern, then you have to move until the boss attacks your tank. You can revive teammates without increasing their aggression.

you canChange characters by holding ZL and pressing L or R.If you need to reduce the attacker's or healer's aggro, switch to them and make them stop working. If you want him to spam taunt art, you can switch to guard.

Use Ouroboros mode

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Each of your teammates hasrichCan be used in combination with other party members. While each form can inflict damage, they dealdifferent roleshelp others.


function and purpose


Attacker: Deals maximum damage to other forms.


Defender: Pulls aggro and attacks.


Healer: Heals allies and deals damage.

You can use them offensively and defensively.Ouroboros charge over time and can be upgraded to level three. If you use them at the third level, you can do more damage.

Metamorph pairs also don't take damage, so you can transform someone with low health before a powerful attack. After the attack ends, you can cancel it and use it on your next power attack.

Strategize with chain attacks

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Previous games in the series required you to use some of yourchain attack meterFor the revival of party members. However, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 removed this mechanic. This means that when your slot is full, you can use it to attack the boss. These types of attacks offer a chance to deal a lot of damage, so you can use this skill with different strategies.

overcome otherwise

Most bosses have a second stage, indicated by an icon on the health bar. Once in this form, they gain more attacks and deal more damage. you canUse your chain attack as soon as the boss enters mode.Or before starting. This will minimize the time you spend fighting them at this stage.

Use chain attacks on defense

You can protect yourself from bosses with chain attacks. If you look at the health bar, you will see the boss' name on it. This area will sometimes display the name of the special attack the boss plans to use. If you know an upcoming move is going to knock out some of your teammates, you can trigger your special move right before the attack activates.

This prevents the boss damage from flowing so you can keep all your teammates alive. You can then use your healer to heal your teammates during one of the phases. If the boss is targeting invaders or healers, you can use different commands to reduce their aggro. For example,Lanz's Tyrant Wave increases aggro for defenders, while Mio's Lightning Quick reduces aggro for healers and attackers.

Using interrupts during chain attacks

Chain Attack makes it easy for you to get startedbreakto the bosses. They are usually resistant to this effect, so you can't knock them out. However, their stamina drops during chain attacks, so you can KO them. You can even interrupt powerful attacks to protect your team, so you need to apply the effects in a specific order.

  • Use artwork with a pause effect.
  • After applying the break, use topple.
  • You can use a stun or cast from the flip.
  • Use blast after daze or smash after fire.

By applying these steps, you can temporarily incapacitate the boss if he falls, is stunned, or is fired. You can alsoIf you want to do a lot of damage, use Burst or Smash, but they will no longer be disabled.

Boss battles in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 require planning and preparation to be successful. When you take the time to plan the details and use the combat system to your advantage, you'll defeat the bosses that keep causing trouble.

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