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Similar to previous entries in the Dark Souls series, pyromancy is a major part of Dark Souls 3. Pyromancy allows you to inflict fire damage through spells. For many, fire can make the game a little easier, as skillful use of fire can help you navigate difficult situations. Today we are going to discuss what pyromancy is and some Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer builds that we think can help you optimize pyromancy in your game. We hope you find this guide helpful. While you're here, consider checking it out andA katana sword made for Dark Souls 3.

Fire in Dark Souls 3

Pyromancers are spells that deal fire damage. Pyrotechnics are performed using flames. fire rank with intelligence iweapon of faith, and you must be at least level 25 to use all Pyromancy spells in the base game. Pyromancy can be obtained/learned from Cornyx or Karla, both of which can be found in the Fire Temple once you find them in the world. To learn the flame spell, you must discover the flame scrolls in the game and bring them to Konyx or Kara. Karla specializes in Dark Fire, while Cornyx specializes in Basic Fire.

Here are some of our favorite Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer upgrades for Dark Souls 3. These upgrades help increase damage and range, from pure Pyromancy upgrades to hybrid Pyromancy/Fencing upgrades.

Pure pyromancy incorporated in Dark Souls 3

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Following in the footsteps of Master Cornyx, this build focuses on flame spells with little to no emphasis on combat. For this build, we recommend starting with the Pyromancer class. This is a caster build where the distance between you and your opponent is important. We recommend level 40 Intelligence/Faith, but each must be at least level 35. The faction must also be between level 30-40. Having the Swamp Great Ring and Witch Ring is another bonus, as they increase flame damage by 12% and 20% respectively. While armor doesn't really matter here, as no armor increases pyromancy, we still recommend wearing a cape to make yourself feel like a pyromancer. My favorites are the prayer robe and the scholar's robe.

Suggested spell

Spells are the most important part of this build. The spells we recommend for building Pure Fire are Chaos Bed Vestiges, Great Chaos Fire Orb, Warmth, and Black Fre Orb.

Bed of Chaos Ruins

You can use the old demon king's soul to get clues about the chaotic bed. This spell looks like Naruto from Naruto, except it's made of flames and does incredible damage. I used to spend the entire game using that spell and the fireball spell.

chaotic fireball

The Big Chaos Fireball is just a bigger version of the Fireball that does a lot of damage. Leaves some lava behind for a while, causing a smaller area of ​​effect and dealing damage to all enemies in the area. This spell can be obtained after giving Cornyx the Izalith Pyromancy Tome, which can be found in Smoldering Lake.


Heat is one of the basic flame spells. Allows you to heal yourself in exchange for some sp. This spell is especially important for pure fire spells, as having no armor means you will lose health very quickly. You get this spell as a reward for reaching Mound Makers Guild Level 2.

black fireball

Black Fireball is the dark pyromaniac counterpart to the basic Fireball, which is the starting spell for the Pyromancer class. With a high enough level of faith and intelligence, this spell can easily do most of the AD at once, while consuming a very small amount of sp. This is his most frequently used spell, so to speak, his light attack.

With all that in mind, you're ready to make your own Pure Pyromancy compilation. We hope you make Cornyx proud!

Pyromancy Melee Hybrid Build u Dark Souls 3

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For this build, we recommend a Faith and Intelligence rating of at least 30. Alignment must also be at least level 30 to increase spell count and total SP. Strength and/or Dexterity must also be at least 20 so you can choose from a wide variety of weapons that we'll cover later.

Suggested spell

For spells, we recommend Chaos Bed Vestiges, Warmth, Carthus Flame Arc, and Fire Orb. Chaos Bed Vestiges will be your main spell for this build and will be the main source of damage along with your weapons.


This build doesn't require any special armor, anything that weighs less and looks appropriate will do. Heat will offset heavy armor and also save you when you run out of estus bottles and need healing.

flames of carthage

The Carthus Flame bow will apply a fire buff to your weapon that increases with intelligence and faith to help maximize damage. You can buy Carthus Flame Arc from Cornyx for 10,000 souls


The fireball technique here is mainly to open up the distance and help clear the siege.

No special armor is required, just a piece of armor that makes your character look their best. Ring of the Everglades and Ring of Kara are recommended again as they help increase Flame's damage.

For weapons, we recommend starting with Raw weapons, as they do not scale with Dex/Strom and only scale with weapon upgrades. You can add Chaos or Dark Gems to your weapons later on. While the Fire Gem might seem tempting for a build like this, we recommend ignoring it entirely, as it doesn't measure intelligence or faith, it just increases the fire damage of weapons. Some recommended weapons are the double-edged sword, double-edged sword, greatsword, and hunting knife.

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Building melee-centric fire art in Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer Breeding Guide [2023] (3)

Of all the games I played in Dark Souls 3, this update gave me the most pleasure. This build emphasizes melee combat, with some flames in terms of weapons/damage. We recommend a Strength rating of 40 and Intelligence and Faith ratings between 20 and 30. You'll also need at least 5 adjustment slots.

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Suggested spell

This version favors weapon damage over flame spell damage. However, it requires the flame spell to significantly increase the weapon's damage. The spells required for this build are Iron Flesh, Power Within, Carthus Flame arc and Warmth.

iron meat

Iron Flesh significantly reduces damage absorbed when carrying weight. This version has weaker armor sets, so Iron Flesh will help compensate for that. You can also use it to transform into a tank and clear ads. You can get it from the Farron Keep Swamp.

inner strength

This spell increases attack power but gradually reduces health. This spell will complement your high level of power. It will do crazy damage. The loss of health will be offset by the heat. You can get it from corpses hidden behind walls in the Grand Archives.


Heat is also a key part of this build, as it will deal with the energy you lose with Power Within. This build also emphasizes melee combat, so you'll likely use a lot of estus flasks, and the heat will cover that up.

flames of carthage

This spell deals Fire damage to your weapon for a limited time, which scales with Intelligence and Faith. This, combined with inner strength and your high power level, can make you feel almost overwhelmed in the attacking department.

As for weapons, you can use any powerful weapon, but we recommenda good swordThe Greatsword fits perfectly with this build and does very high damage due to its power level and the Pyromancer buff. nobodyan armorit's necessary, but we recommend using anything that feels good and light, as a greatsword is already heavy.

We hope you have fun playing as a Pyromancer in Dark Souls 3! also checkbest amulets in dark souls 3,while you're here.

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