All four 'Dark Souls III' endings explained: let the dark ages begin (2023)

How to rekindle the first flame each cycle,Dark Souls IIIRekindled fan enthusiasmalmaFranchise, rocked by mixed receptionblack souls it's no surpriseDark Souls IIIBringing back fan-favorite characters and iconic locations to wrap up the franchise. While player choice remains the key to progressDark Souls III, for the first time, we can definitively end the cycle of fire, if we choose to usher in a dark age.

There are four different endings - as opposed to two endings for bothdark soulEUblack souls 2Dark Souls IIIPlayers are given enough tools to delve into their intricacies of knowledge and find at least part of the truth in a world in ruins. So, it's time for Flame to finally die and discuss what each ending looks like.Dark Souls IIIEndings really matter, epic endings only make sense based on the events of previous games.

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relatedDark Souls' greatest legacy isn't its difficulty, it's its world-building.

A world shaped by the cycle of connected fire

the firstDark Souls introduces us to the First Flame loop, when the fire was about to go out, Lord Gwen rekindled it, and the world will enter a dark age. two endingsdark soulGiving players the choice of trusting the gods and sacrificing themselves to the budding flame, or letting the flame die so the world can restore its natural order, humanity can finally rule the Dark souls 2However, showing us how pointless that choice is, as you either become the fuel or completely lose your mind by becoming hollow, meaning others will be able to reignite the original flame and prolong the age of fire. You simply cannot stop this cycle.

Dark Souls IIIIt takes place in the distant future, when the flame cycle is institutionalized. Each time the flame goes out, a new master is chosen and thrown into the fire. The world has worked this way for so long that few question the process, and life goes on, as each cycle is shortened, and the effects of Pyro-Age elongation are destroying the world. whenDark Souls IIIIn the beginning, the infinite age of fire was extended countless times, so that the realms of different eras collapsed one after another. Time and space no longer flow naturally, shaping the ruined world in twisted ways.

Just then Ashen rose to his feet, a charred corpse, too weak to withstand the flames but still touched by the curse of the undead. Ash cannot die, and with his corpse partially charred, he explores the Fallen Realm to gather the remains of the Ash Lords, ancient warriors who sacrificed themselves to the First Fire. The lords promised that if the world fell to ruin they would burn again, but when the time finally came, each of them rejected their fate, choosing to wait for the flames to die out. Therefore, it is your job to force them to fulfill the oath.

Ashen is led by the Guardians of Fire, a female order left by the gods to ensure the cycle is forever renewed. And so you set out on a quest to hunt down the Lords of Cinder so you can use their remains to perform a ritual that will take you to the end of time. There, on the edge of existence, we can witness the brutal effects of Gwen's first crime, as the world is reduced to ash and rubble, consumed by a flame that burns forever.

The keeper of the First Flame is the spirit of Cinder, who represents every soul lost in the First Flame, including Gwyn. Defeating the Hollow and Mad Ash Soul grants players the First Flame, which they can rekindle. But if the flames keep burning, how long will the world survive? The destruction around the First Flame's furnace is an example of a terrible future caused by unnatural cycles. So maybe look for other solutions.

Don't just let the flame go out

All four 'Dark Souls III' endings explained: let the dark ages begin (2)

On his journey, The One explores the ruins of a once glorious kingdom and discovers how a cycle of fire can bring powerful lords to its ruins. If Ashen One continues to pursue the truth, players can travel to another time and space, where Firelink Shrine is shrouded in darkness. There, the player must face the champion Gundyr, a warrior chosen to rekindle the flame, but unfortunately, he arrives too late to complete his work.

As a weakened and damaged version of Gundyr challenges players before the Firelink Shrine in the timeline, it's safe to say that this Dark Firelink Shrine is a place of the past. Another indication that the Temple's past was a Chain of Black Fire is the presence of the Temple Handmaidens. If you speak to the merchant in the dark Firelink Shrine and never speak to her elsewhere, she will recognize you when you return to the normal Firelink Shrine. This means that the events that take place in the Black Fire Spirit Temple take place before the events at the beginning of the game. Interestingly, this meant that the flames were out. Shouldn't the Dark Ages cover the world? So if the flame went out in the past, how is it still burning now? The answer may lie in a pair of (not so) fresh eyes.

Inside the Dark Firelink Shrine, Ashen can find the Eye of the Flame Warden, who witnessed the beginning of the cycle of flame and still holds its secrets. Giving the Eye to the current Firekeeper allows him to see what the first Firekeeper saw and unlocks a new ending. After the player defeats the Ember Soul, they can summon the Guardian of Fire to put out the first flame together. In this area, the flames are extinguished and the dark age is about to begin. Still, the Firekeeper warns Ashen that the embers of the lords of the past will reignite the flames in the future, and the flames will once more burn in darkness.

Decorated with visions of the first guardians, our guide reveals that simply keeping the flames out might not be enough. Gwen's first sin changed the world forever, and there was no escaping the eternal cycle. Of course, the flames may subside for a while, as they did when champion Gandhir lost his job. However, the Dark Ages will not last forever, as Gwen's unnatural interference with the world order has doomed everyone to a future filled with ruins.

Eyes unlocks a secret third ending where players can kill the Guardian of Fire and claim the flame for themselves. In this area, the Embermen's desire to burn becomes so strong that they succumb to their destructive urges just to feel the heat of the flames. So the world will go on until someone rekindles the flame or eventually dies. However, as we've seen so far, this ending has nothing to do with the grand scheme of things.

In this ending, the game recognizes players who only care about killing everything in their path without realizing that their actions have consequences. It is a good signalmaThe plot is complex, but its combat-oriented gameplay also attracts bloodthirsty fighters who want to win at all costs. However, the most relevant resultDark Souls IIIGive the franchise a definitive conclusion as the loop has finally been broken.

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release the dark ages

All four 'Dark Souls III' endings explained: let the dark ages begin (3)

The Secret Ending of Dark Souls IIThis allows the curse wielder to remain sane while hollow, giving them some hope. Over time, the undead curse caused everyone to lose their minds, so they desperately searched for an antidote, throwing themselves into the first fire without thinking. Even so, non-hollow undead can spend their time building an empire that accepts the curse rather than fighting it. That's exactly what happened before thatDark Souls IIIIs happening.

During her travels, Cinder hears of the Hollow's distant kingdom, Londor, where humans can thrive despite the threat of a curse. Despite being undead, Londoners remained sane and were able to build an empire, and after the Dark Ages, the Hollow King was finally able to rule. If players let Yuria of London guide them, they will discover that the kingdom was founded with the help of Darkstalker Kaathe, the primordial serpent who warned the Chosen Undead of what Gwyn said in the first lie of the event.dark soul.

Instead of fighting to control the First Flame, Londor grew in the shadows, patiently waiting for the time when they would find a solution to the cycle of flames. Unfortunately, it is not enough to simply let the flame go out, as the embers will reignite in the dark. Therefore, the flame must be usurped. Guided by the religious order of London's Sable Chapel, players can perform a series of rituals to strengthen their Dark Mark, the mark on their skin associated with humanity. Since humans are just fragments of dark soulsalmaIn mythology, this portal allows the player to use their raw power to absorb the primordial flame. As such, the Flame will continue to exist within the Hollow Lords as a source of energy, ensuring that the Dark Ages never end and that humanity eventually reigns.

The rituals players perform to reach the end of the Hollow King are questionable, as they involve human sacrifice. No ending could have provided a better ending for the franchise, as these games have been about faith and morality since the first installment. At its core,almaSurrender is trusting a higher power and following a set of rules without question, or accepting the darkness within us that tells us that morality is relative and we are free to choose our own path.

Against the liberal order, this is the central strugglealmaseries, both are equally destructive. But if mankind is to take his place as ruler of the world, he must accept his curse and his ability to maintain his power through horrific acts, burying the gods who stand in his way. This is sure to be a dark franchise.

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