10 games to play as Genshin Impact (2023)

Posted by HoYoverseGensha's impactThe COVID-19 pandemic about three years ago was a huge blow to the gaming industry. This free-to-play anime RPG from China lets players explore the vast world of Teyvat separately from its otherworldly twin as a traveler and interact with a wide range of characters.various rolesHis combat moves are based on elements such as earth, wind, fire, water, and electricity.

While the story is about a traveler (male or female, depending on your choice) struggling to find his brother or sister, Genshin Impact is more about exploring the seven countries of Teyvat, learning about their culture and customs, and fighting the living monsters of there. . Member States rather than possible family reunification. The game won several awards (including Voice of the Player at The Game Awards 2022) and generated a great deal of fan art and animation.

But for those who want to take a break from Genshin Impact and play something similar, here are 10 games worth checking out.

The Legend of Celdi: Farewell Goddess

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breath of the jungleis a Zelda game that started a generation of open world games outside of the series, inspired by its gameplay mechanics and/or art style, which Genshin Impact draws heavily from. Link awakens after a century of sleep, with no memory of anything that has happened to him, on a quest to save Princess Zelda and stop Calamity Ganon from destroying Hyrule and the world.

Nintendo allowed players to progress through the game's story in a non-linear fashion, giving them plenty of room to explore the sprawling landscape both on the ground and in the air, and to experiment with various game elements.

fenix rooms

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In Ubisoft's interpretation of Greek mythology, Typhon escaped captivity in the underworld and stole the power and essence of the gods of Olympus, causing Zeus to flee to Prometheus, who, as punishment, locked him in the Mountain, seeking help to defeat him . Prometheus makes a deal with Zeus that if mortals can defeat Typhon he will be released from prison, so he tells the story of Fenyx, a mortal who must stop Typhon from saving after Typhon escapes his brothers' underworld.

As the game progresses, Fenix ​​gains the powers of the gods, such as the Wrath of Ares, and can upgrade his weapons. unique game elementfenix roomsIt differs from Genshin Impact in that players can change Fenyx's gender (by default, Fenyx is female), voice, and appearance. Genshin only allows you to choose a character of a different gender. Additionally, players must monitor their stamina during combat so as not to become exhausted after repeated attacks.

sonic frontier

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you can think sosonic frontierIt's a far cry from Genshin Impact, but this latest iteration of the adorable blue hedgehog is quite different. Sonic and his friends were pulled into cyberspace through a wormhole on their way to the Starfall Islands, and he managed to escape while they were trapped in the Digital World, appearing in pixelated form on Sony when Sonic rescued them before Grass.

Frontiers is similar to Genshin Impact in the sense that every time Sonic powers up or dives underwater, he has a stamina meter next to him, can climb structures, has skill trees and daily experience cycles, and has a reward system. navigation that guides him to where he wants to go. to be. destiny. Not to mention the puzzles and challenges he completes will reveal multiple locations.

fantasia final 14

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Final Fantasy 14 takes place five years after the events of the original 2010 game, which was a critical and commercial failure for Square Enix. The gods have blessed the player character to travel five years into the future to prevent the destruction of Eorzea by the primordial dragon Bahamut and must face the threat of an invasion by the Garlean Empire in the process of rebuilding the land.

Unlike Genshin Impact, FF14 is an MMORPG in which players interact, but still allows for a lot of open world exploration. However, the game has something in common with Genshin in that it has a game-as-a-service model where people can buy gacha items with real money if the in-game currency doesn't pay. FF14 also received four expansions in the last 10 years: Heavensward (2015), Stormblood (2017), Shadowbringers (2019) and Endwalker (2021).

Persona 5

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Developed by Atlus,Persona 5It centers on a high school student under the alias Joker, who, after being falsely accused of assault and transferred to a new school on probation, manifests the Persona along with some other students, leading them to become well-known vigilantes. like Phantom Heart Stealers. They delve into a supernatural realm created by the subconscious desires of humans, called the Metaverse, and steal the malice from the hearts of adults.

Persona 5 allows players to travel to dungeons in the Metaverse called palaces, which are formed from the hearts of corrupted adults to represent their distorted perception of their location in the real world, fighting them and their shadows (themselves). Also, they can get part-time jobs and meet NPC requirements.


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GreetingsSet on a fictional archipelago inspired by the Pacific island nation of New Caledonia, the 12-year-old heroine is on a mission to rescue her father, who has been kidnapped by a tyrant and his army of paper warriors. Tchia explores her home island by sea (in her raft), air (in a sailboat she built herself) and land. She also gained a unique ability called soul hopping, which allowed her to possess and control animals and inanimate objects to complete certain tasks, such as dogs or coconuts, travel to new areas, solve puzzles, and fend off enemies.

The characters speak entirely French and Dreja, the two predominant languages ​​in New Caledonia. Soul Leaping was also inspired by transfiguration folklore from New Caledonia.

collapse 3

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collapse 3is HoYoverse's sci-fi version of Genshin Impact, which takes place 50,000 years in the future on an alternate version of Earth plagued by the apocalypse caused by the Honkai, powerful entities that corrupt humans and grant certain beings called Herrschers the divine human power to cause the end of the world whenever civilization advances too far. Three global factions were created to fight or exploit the Honkai: the Schicksal, who deploy the Valkyries; the Anti-Entropy, who use human soldiers in place of their mechs; and the World Snakes, who have been manipulating events since the end of The Last Civilization.

Honkai Impact 3rd includes different genres including bullet hell, platformer, shooter and dungeon crawler, as well as a card draw mechanic that offers new weapons and characters. There are also timed seasonal events that offer gameplay elements not seen in the regular game mode.

Honkai: Interstellar Railway, the space sequel to Honkai 3rd, is available now for iOS, Android, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

growing story

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The 17th entry in the series of stories,growing storyIt revolves around a Dahnan slave named Alphen, a slave with no memory of his past, and Renan's girlfriend Shionna, who curses her body to grow thorns if touched, as they do. formed.

The game isn't as multiplayer as its predecessors, but much of its gameplay emphasizes dodging, counterattacking, and interacting with other characters in combat.

I'm Not Afraid 2: The Kingdom Returns

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The story takes place hundreds of years after the events of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch,I'm Not Afraid 2: The Kingdom ReturnsIt revolves around a young Grimalkin (half human, half cat) named Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum, who is deposed in a coup after his father's untimely death. He embarks on a journey to establish his own kingdom and unite all the nations of the world.

Players are free to explore Ni no Kuni 2's open world, but must complete missions in a linear fashion to progress through the story. During battle, the player can switch between the other three characters at any time. There is also world building involved, as they have to manage the workforce in the city to secure materials for weapons and armor in the shops.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

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Xenoblade Chronicles Xis a Wii U-exclusive Xenoblade game set on the planet Mira, where a portion of humanity is fleeing after an alien war destroys Earth. Suffering from amnesia after being rescued from an escape pod, the player character becomes a member of the Blades and joins a quest to defend the New World from the Ganglion Coalition - and explore its environment by walking in their mech.

Players can customize their character's gender, voice, makeup, and facial features at any point in the game. Much like Mond City as the hub world of the original god, New Los Angeles serves as the hub world of Xenoblade Chronicles X. Completing quests, mostly divided into story quests, gives players experience points and increases their stats and levels.

Cristina Alexander is a freelance writer for IGN. In the words of Calvin Harris, she wears her love of Sonic the Hedgehog on her sleeve like a big deal. Follow her on Twitter @SonicPrincess15.


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